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Well done to this weeks Attendance Champions - Year 4 - 99%
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Understanding the World

Knowledge and Understanding of the World relates to children’s everyday lives, their homes, families, other people, the local environment and community, and the wider world.  There are three main areas in this area of learning -

  • Places and people (i.e. early Geography)
  • Time and people (i.e. early History)
  • Myself and other living things (i.e. early Science - Biology)
  • Myself and non-living things (i.e. early Science - Physics)


Activity Ideas

  • Blowing bubbles
  • Make bread or pizzas for the family to share
  • Read information books on frogs and chicks etc.
  • Hunt for bugs in the garden
  • Use Nature Detectives for lots of exciting activities to do at home:
  • Planting seeds such as cress – and watching them grow
  • Look at science experiments for Early Years
  • Observe the weather each day and make a weather chart
  • Make a family tree – who is in your family
  • Freeze small toys in ice – and work out how to get them out of the ice
  • Feed the birds in the garden and keep a tally of which birds visit your garden
  • Make seed bombs by mixing seeds with clay to make a small ball.  Dry them out and wrap to give as presents.  Make a label to attach.