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Well done to this weeks Attendance Champions - Year 2- 97%
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Term 1

We were really lucky to take part in a Black History workshop this morning. We learnt about 'Mama Africa' who spent the first six months of life imprisoned with her mother. We were told about how she became an activist and used her music to sing about her views on segregation.

During our PE lesson this week we enjoyed playing parachute games.

During English this week we have been creating Persuasive leaflets. We used our knowledge from our History lessons linked to the Titanic to help us persuade people to come on board 'The Greatest Ship in the World'. We used Google Docs to present our learning.

This week it was World Mental Health Day. In recognition of this, we played a game of Bingo which helped us think carefully about what we can do to help us have good mental health. We also talked about different activities we might do to help promote our positive mental health.

This week during our Art lesson we explored the artwork Monet produced in his later years at his garden in Giverny. We created our own Water Lily and pond scene and will put them together to produce a shared interpretation of Monet's ‘Les Nymphéas’.

As part of learning linked to 'Light', we conducted experiments to investigate what happened to a shadow when we changed the distance of an object from the light source.

On Friday, we enjoyed our Music lesson outside. We were learning to explore and recognise a variety of dynamics. Working in groups, we tried to create the sound of the ocean by using percussion instruments.

We proved to be excellent team workers during our recent Art lesson. We had to work as a class to reproduce Monet’s ‘Sunset in Venice’. Each person was given a section of the painting to recreate and then we placed it together to make the final piece. I'm sure you'll agree that it looks fantastic!

In our Computing lesson we were introduced to another approach to online working: reusing and modifying work done by someone else. We had to use a Scratch project created by someone else and make our own version.

To help us learn how light is reflected, we made periscopes. It was fun to go around the school as secret spies!

During our History lesson this week, we used the Chromebooks to help us find out what life was like onboard the Titanic for different people.

Every week we visit the school library- we love having the chance to sit and enjoy books together.

This week in Computing we had to consider how people can work together when they are not in the same location. We created a presentation when we were all working in different spaces. To make it even trickier, we were only allowed to communicate via the 'chat box'- our classroom was silent for the entire lesson!

During our Art lesson this week we were exploring Monet’s haystack series of paintings. We tried to paint the haystacks in different seasons.

In our History lesson this week, we learnt about the key events linked to the sinking of the Titanic. We created timelines to show what happened.

Our Computing lesson this week was learning to recognise how data is transferred across the internet. We went outside to send messages as packets of data.

We are learning about Monet in our Art lessons this term. Today we were exploring some of his landscapes and recreated them using paints.

We used words that linked to Queen Elizabeth to create a calligram portrait of her.

During Science this week we were learning about how light travels. We set up an enquiry and found out that light travels in straight lines. We used mirrors to try and reflect the light ray to make it change direction.

During our Computing lesson this week we were learning about the importance of internet addresses- we had to relate IP addresses to website addresses which was sometimes quite difficult!

We have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II this week and have been thinking about all of the wonderful things she did whilst serving our country. We created timelines showing some of her amazing achievements.