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Well done to this weeks Attendance Champions - Year 2- 97%
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School Day Entry and Exit Timetable


If your child is going to be late for school or absent, please click here.


The school 'year' lasts for only 190 days..... this leaves175 days per year for your child to enjoy family time, playing with friends, making visits, going on holiday, shopping and appointments.

At St Bernadette we believe that excellent attendance and punctuality is not just valuable - it is essential. Going to school is directly linked to better progress as well as developing friendships, social skills, team values and life skills. This is why we carefully monitor your child’s attendance at school. If it falls below 90%, we will contact you and tell you that your child’s attendance has dropped and that we are worried about that. We will always try to help and work with you to improve attendance and sometimes that might involve working with outside support agencies.