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Well done to this weeks Attendance Champions - Year 4 99%
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Physical Development

This Area of Learning relates to the development of children’s body control and coordination of large movements, fine manipulative skills, spatial awareness and balance. It also focuses on children’s knowledge and understanding of a healthy lifestyle upon which physical well-being depends.

Physical development focuses on increasing the skill and performance of the body. Physical and cognitive development are closely linked, especially during the early years. Problems with a child’s physical development can be an indication that the child may have some learning difficulties. Physical development can be divided into gross motor skills and fine manipulative skills. Throughout the Foundation Phase, children acquire and develop their skills in many ways.


Activity Ideas

  • Threading pasta on to wool or string
  • Water play in the bath – scooping, pouring and measuring
  • Design a treasure hunt around the house
  • Junk modelling
  • Make playdough together This is how!
  • Musical movement games – like musical statues
  • Lego and block play.  Plan to build something and see if you can follow your plan
  • Make sensory tray with shaving foam, soap, jelly etc
  • Painting with water in the garden
  • Phonics
  • Rough and tumble play
  • Building dens and tunnels with blankets and under the kitchen table