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At St Bernadette Primary School, we aim to encourage respect and responsibility for living organisms and our physical environment. We want children to develop a social and moral ethos in respect of the world and an understanding that, “Scientific study is rooted in the duty to care for and safeguard Creation. “ Pope Francis Pontifical Council for Culture 18.11.17.

We strive for children to have a knowledge of, and pride in, the scientific skills and industries thriving in their own city, country and world. They are alert to the potential opportunities that await them in the fields of Science with a local, national and global perspective.

The disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are covered in line with the National Curriculum and taught in a manner to spark curiosity. Alongside Scientific Knowledge, we develop the skills required for Scientific Enquiry providing opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence. Children use their knowledge and skills to understand the uses and implications of Science now and in the future.

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