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Well done to this weeks Attendance Champions - Year 4 - 99%
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Term One

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

We made some special cards to remember Queen Elizabeth II and thank her for all of her work.

Using crocodile mouths in Maths to compare between numbers

In Maths we were using our crocodile mouths to help us compare between different numbers. We used counters to discuss which ones were greater than and which were less than.

Designing our Teddy Bear biscuits!

We were designing how we wanted our Teddy Bear biscuits to look for our upcoming picnic! We had loads of fun discussing all the different patterns and colours we could use and now we can't wait to make them smiley

Visit to St Bernadette's Church

We went up to St Bernadette's Church and Father Matt was there to show us all the special things in the church like the tabernacle, altar, font and statues. We even got to say a prayer for our families and our teachers.

Black History Artist Workshop

We were so lucky to have a Black History Artist workshop where we got to learn about loads of different black artists such as Josephine Baxter and Bobby McFerrin. After hearing about their lives, we had the chance to dance to their music.

Teddy Bears Picnic!

We finally got to have our Teddy Bears picnic after organising which foods we wanted to have. It was so much fun to sit with our teddies and have some food. We loved it and what a start to half-term! laugh