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School Council

Well done to Y4 and Jamie for their sponsored events to raise funds for his Mt Kilimanjaro charity climb.

Thank you letter from 'The Matthew Tree Project'.

Our School Council with a volunteer from the 'Mathew Tree Trust' with some of our Harvest donations for the needy children in Bristol.

School Council Prayer

God in heaven hear our prayer,

Keep us in thy loving care.

Be our guide in all we do,

Bless all those who love us too.




St Bernadette Primary School Council  – September 2016

The newly elected members of the School Council are:


Year 1 - Lexi and Lennon

Year 2 - Holly and Adam

Year 3 - Isabelle and Adrian

Year 4 - Phoebe L and Aiden

Year 5 - Rose and Rahul

Year 6 - April, Bobby and Eva


Please look our notice board in the school hall to see a picture of us so that you know who we are.


Healthy eating and useful inks





 Fruit sales recommence in KS2 playground on Wednesday 2 November 2016, Wednesday- Friday 10:30-10:45

A selection of fresh fruit, fruit loaf, malt loaf, yoghurts, plain biscuits and smoothies.

Prices: 20p per food item, 50 p per smoothie

Charity Fundraising - Total so far
Following the Y6 basketball event on Friday 30 June, the children have raised a total of £1,540.80 for the MS Society so far this year, with some monies still to count.
Thank you and well done to all! 

Multiple Sclerosis Charity - Y5 Bike Relay